Those living in the Northeast of the country no doubt still have a vivid memory of last winter’s harshness. Unfortunately, it looks like they need to start preparing for another dose of that brutality as soon as September.

Polar Vortex Set to Return in September - Pottstown PA - Wells SonsAlthough fall is predicted to have sunny days with temperatures above normal on the east coast, the polar vortex is also expected to return for short, sporadic periods. According to AccuWeather Lead Long-Range Forecaster, Paul Pastelok, significant chilly air could hit the Great Lakes region and into the interior Northeast from mid to late September. He also predicts for October to be a harsh month, but temperatures for November should not be as extreme as last year.

The polar vortex is just the set up for the winter months, which is when El Nino will debut. This combined with warmer waters across the northern Pacific will cause early winter snow across the Northeastern United States. Pastelok is already warning that there could possibly be a couple of big storms in December and early January.

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