When you think of squirrels, birds, raccoons, or other outdoors creatures, that is probably where you think of them in your mind’s eye – outside. Hanging out in your chimney is probably not a thought that comes to mind that is unless you have recently heard the telltale sounds that there are unseen visitors present.

Protect Your Chimney with a Chimney Cap - Montgomery County PA - Wells SonsThe idea of animals building a nest inside your chimney and telling their offspring of the world they once had to live in is not a very comforting thought to any homeowner. It gets even more unpleasant when you think about what your new friends probably brought with them – parasites. That is not the type of gift anyone hopes to get.

Mites, ticks, and fleas are just some of the pests that can invade your home on the backs of your uninvited guests. However, unlike the raccoon, which most likely got stuck in your chimney and is now awaiting until it is rescued or suffers a horrible death, these nuisances will just keep making their way into your home. So, if you are a fan of uncontrollable itchiness, you are in luck.

How can you stop all of this from occurring, you might ask? Call your trusty chimney sweep and have them install a chimney cap asap. A chimney cap with a wire mesh can keep out the smallest of animals including bats and mice. As an added bonus, they will also protect the inside of your chimney from water damage.

If you like your home, want to keep your chimney in tip-top shape, and prefer that your family and yourself are not subjected to fumigating your home, install a chimney cap. Guests should be invited and not bring unknown friends.

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