Is the buildup in your flue getting out of hand? Did a recent chimney inspection reveal a lot of creosote? Is your chimney technician suggesting you schedule a sweeping before kicking off your burning season? Then, the time to book an appointment with the crew here at Wells & Sons Chimney Service is now!

A thorough sweeping can do wonders for keeping your fireplace running safer and more efficiently, and it allows homeowners to experience true relaxation when operating their wood-burning appliance throughout the fall and winter months. If you’re due for some professional care, don’t put it off any longer. Our team is here to help.sweep on chimney

Reducing The Risk Of Carbon Monoxide Exposure

One way a sweeping keeps your home and family safer is by reducing your chances of carbon monoxide exposure. The more things are clogged up, the higher your risk is of having smoke and other gases enter your home, and carbon monoxide is considered one of the most threatening of these, due to its odorless, colorless, and highly poisonous nature.

By removing debris and obstructions from your flue, you ensure that airflow can properly travel through the system and escape outdoors. No smoky living space and no sick family members – the peace of mind you gain will be well worth it!

Minimizing The Likelihood Of A Chimney Fire

Another risk associated with a dirty chimney is the increased chance of experiencing a chimney fire. The more creosote you have, the more likely it is to catch on fire, sending heat and flames all throughout your structure. As you can imagine, this puts your brickwork, mortar, and chimney liner through a lot and causes a significant amount of damage. All in all, should one occur, your system will be unsafe for use until all issues are addressed.

Heightening Efficiency

When it comes right down to it, running a debris-filled chimney put your home and family in harm’s way, and it doesn’t allow your fireplace to run as efficiently as possible, either. If you’re looking to make your next burning season a great one, then why not invest in the care you deserve now? Our team is eager to help you out soon!

Call Now To Beat The Rush

With fall just a couple of months away now is the time to call and book an appointment with our CSIA certified team. Once temperatures drop, we’ll get booked up fast, so call right away to ensure you aren’t waiting weeks for your inspection and sweeping. You’ll be able to reserve a time slot that works well with your schedule, and on that first chilly evening, you’ll be all set and ready to light a cozy fire – you can’t beat that!

Please reach out to us because we would love to ensure you get the most from your fireplace experience. Our team is here for you every step of the way.