Have you had your dryer vents cleaned within the last year? If not, it’s time to call in the crew at Wells & Sons Chimney Service! Our team has the experience and technology necessary to set you up right, so that your home and appliances function better and safer than ever. Call now to set up an appointment with us!

Clogged Vents & Carbon Monoxide

When your dryer runs, it produces fumes that need to escape outside, so they do not affect the health of the people inside of the home. If your vents are clogged up and filled with debris, these gases will have nowhere to escape, which means they will turn right back around and enter your home! Thousands of people are sent to the doctor every year because of exposure to dangerous fumes, such as carbon monoxide. It’s definitely not worth the risk and a huge reason why annual dryer vent cleanings are so important!

Carbon monoxide is the one most deadly gases around, and it is responsible for hundreds of deaths every single year. One of the scariest things about this gas is its inability to be detected with a person’s basic senses. It cannot be smelled, heard, or seen, so many don’t even realize its presence in their home until it is too late.

By installing carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home, and by having your dryer vents and other appliances inspected every year, you lower your chances of carbon monoxide poisoning significantly. Call us today to learn more and to schedule any necessary services. We can’t wait to make your home safer soon!

Lowering Your Risk Of House Fires

Dirty dryer vents can also lead to fires within the home. Thousands of fires are triggered every year due to a lack of maintenance on your dryer, costing homeowners everywhere thousands of dollars worth of damage. Sometimes, these fires even lead to injury or death. It’s definitely not worth taking any chances and a big reason why you should reserve a time slot with our expert staff right away!

What To Watch Out For

There are many clear-cut signs that indicate your dryer vents may be putting your home at risk. One thing you can look for is increased temperatures in and throughout your dryer and laundry room. If your clothes feel extremely hot after their drying cycle or if your dryer itself is hot to the touch, then you should give us a call right away! Your laundry room itself may be warmer than normal, too, so keep an open and alert eye!

Other signs to check for are clothes not drying after one cycle, excess lint in and around your dryer or lint trap, strange/musty odors, and/or a malfunctioning dryer hood flap. If you notice any of these signs, your ventwork may need some help from a professional, and the team at Wells & Sons Chimney Service are just the people to handle the job. Call today to learn more!