Are you preparing your fireplace for the fall burning season ahead? This is an exciting time of year for many as they gear up for cooler weather to come, and we know that many of our customers love spending countless evenings cozied up in front of the fireplace. Unfortunately, a nice night in can quickly turn bad if your chimney and fireplace aren’t in good shape!Schedule A Chimney Repair Now - Pottstown PA - Wells & Sons Chimney Service

Call in our experts right away to ensure you’re good to go this upcoming holiday season. We can handle any and all of the repairs you throw our way!

Warmer Temperatures Equal Better Results

Now, one thing you’ll definitely want to get done before lighting any fires is have any damages addressed by a professional sweep. We encourage all of our customers to have this work completed now, before temperatures drop, as it guarantees better results for you and your home.

Many of the products we use need to cure in warmer weather. If your repair work doesn’t fall during this ideal time of year, then we may recommend putting off our services until spring and summer come back around. You deserve a thorough and efficient job well done, so be sure to call us in now, so you’re good to go this fall!

Don’t Miss Your Opportunity – Call Today!

Like we said, waiting too long to have repair work done can end up meaning you have to wait until the following year to invest in our services. This is obviously less than idea, and it could leave your home without the ambiance of fireplace flames this winter. You see, using a fireplace that has cracks, holes, and other issues can put you and your family at serious risk! You increase the likelihood of gas leaks, chimney fires, and more, and you could cause further damage to your system in the process.

All in all, using a fireplace that needs repairs isn’t a safe or smart move to make, and it may wind up costing you more dollars than expected in work the following year. It’s definitely not worth putting your friends and family in harm’s way, and you don’t deserve any more stress or hassle than necessary. Call us in right now, so you know you’re all set and ready to go on that first cold day!

Our Busy Season Will Soon Be Here

We want all of our customers to experience our products and services at times that are the most convenient for them, and we believe calling now is the best way to do just that. As people all throughout our service area realize their need for inspections, sweepings, repairs, and more, our books fill up fast! The closer we get to fall, the busier our team gets. If you want to ensure you get a timeslot that works well for your routine, then we strongly suggest getting your appointment scheduled as soon as you can! Call now.