You may have heard about pellet stoves and their many benefits, but knowing whether or not you’d like to take the plunge and invest in one for your home can be difficult. Well, we sell high-quality products here at Wells & Sons Chimney Service, and we strongly believe that a pellet stove could be the perfect fit for your home. Learn more about these units below, then give us a call if you feel they’re the right choice for you. We’re ready and eager to help!The Benefits of Owning a Pellet Stove - Pottstown PA - Wells & Sons

They’re Convenient & Easy To Use

With pellet stoves, refueling on a regular basis isn’t necessary. Once they are loaded up and ready to go, they can heat your living space for hours on end. Just fill the hopper in the morning, and you shouldn’t have to worry about it again for the rest of the day! You’re still given the joy of burning real wood, only with a lot less hassle. No hauling logs, no messy wood piles, and no need to constantly refuel. You’ll love this low-maintenance process.

Pellets are also easier to store, as they take up less overall mass than a huge wood pile. You can stash away more fuel in less space, adding more convenience to your life.

Affordable, Renewable Fuel

Many claim that a downside to using pellets is that they are typically a bit more expensive than purchasing full-sized wood logs. This is true, but when it comes right down to it there isn’t a huge difference in pricing,  and most find the cleaner burn and enhanced convenience well worth any extra costs.

Also, in comparison with gas or oil-fueled appliances, pellets are extremely affordable, and the fact that they’re a renewable resource is an added benefit, as well. All in all, pellets are a great and cost-effective way to heat your home, and the long-lasting heat they provide make them well a very worthwhile investment overall.

A High-Efficiency Appliance

Pellet stoves also burn cleaner and more efficiently making them a great choice for both your home and for the environment. You’ll save money month to month on energy bills, and you’ll be sending less emissions in the air while you’re at it – a win-win all around!

Along with this, the pellets themselves can be bought from sawmills, giving what’s typically considered a waste product an entirely new purpose.

Installing A Pellet Stove

Many homeowners ask whether or not it’s possible to install a pellet stove themselves. This is something we highly recommend against. Should something go wrong, a professional will need to come out anyway to address the issue, and this process will likely cost you more than any initial installation fees. Along with this, improper installation can lead to many dangerous situations for your home and family, and we feel that it’s not worth taking any chances with something that could be a potential fire hazard.

Our experts are certified, trained, and highly experienced, so please consider depending on us for all of your installation needs and regular maintenance. Fall and cooler temperatures are coming soon, so now is the time to get the equipment you need for a cozier and more comfortable fall and winter season. Call now!