The team at Wells and Sons Chimney Service is all about providing our customers with the information and knowledge necessary to better understand their chimney and fireplace. After all, the more you know the more you guarantee efficient results and better functioning! The safer homes and families throughout our service area stay, the better. We’re here to guarantee you the best service around!

One vital piece of your chimney’s anatomy that many don’t give a lot of thought to is the chimney liner. Learn more about all the chimney liner does for you by reading below, then keep reading to discover why we feel stainless steel options are the best choice for you.

Functions Of A Chimney Liner

The CSIA promotes three main functions of the chimney liner. The first is keeping your adjacent woodwork from catching flame and causing a house fire. Without a liner in place, the heat from your fireplace can cause a lot of damage in a hurry! Liners stop heat and flames in their tracks, keeping them safely inside of the chimney where they belong.

Along with protecting your homes woodwork, the liner also works hard to protect the chimney materials themselves. Your brickwork and mortar break down much faster when exposed to these high temperatures. The more they melt and corrode, the more pathways are formed in your chimney, allowing heat and hazardous gases to travel into your home.

Finally, a proper fitting liner increases efficiency. Proper airflow makes a big difference in how well your chimney functions. A chimney liner ensures draft and airflow come and go as they should to avoid buildup and exposure to harmful fumes.

Why Is Stainless Steel Better?

As you can see, chimney liners do a lot for your chimney and it’s extremely important to ensure yours is working well. If damages are present, you could be in some serious trouble! If you want to keep your home and family safer throughout the years ahead, it may be time to consider a stainless steel liner for your home.

So, why is this the better option? Well, stainless steel is known for its durability and strength. Unlike other materials that break down and deteriorate quickly, stainless steel will last longer and stand the test of time, no matter what it comes into contact with. Clay liners are known for cracking and being difficult to repair, but stainless liners are installed in one piece. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about rips, tears, and similar issues .

In addition, stainless steel liners work with every fuel type. Whether you use gas, wood, or pellets, you’ll be good to go with these liners. And most models come with a limited lifetime warranty, so you know you’re good to go for the long haul!

We want to leave with you the best products available and, by installing our stainless steel liners, we do just that. Count on our CSIA certified team to set you up right, so that you don’t have to stress about chimney issues any longer. Call today!