If you own and use regularly a fireplace or gas appliance, it is very important to have regular chimney cleanings. This is essential when using a chimney as cleaning it regularly prevents it from becoming blocked, which can create a hazard in your home.

What’s Wrong with a Congested Chimney?

The Importance of Chimney Cleaning - Montgomery County PA - Wells SonsFireplaces and wood stoves need good circulation to work properly. When a chimney becomes congested, the air circulation become poor. All chimneys possess a natural draft to move smoke and fumes up and out of the home. This process slows down when a chimney become clogged, and the poisonous gases that are created when burning a fire will get stuck inside the chimney and the home putting everyone inside in danger. Regularly cleaning your chimney will prevent this from happening.

What You Should Know about Chimney Cleanings

  1. A chimney should be cleaned once a year or more depending on use and if you are using wood or coal.
  2. Chimney cleaning involves more than clearing dust and ash from the fireplace. It also involves scraping and removing creosote, which can lead to a house fire if allowed to build up, from the chimney walls.
  3. Removing dust and ash helps to prevent the corrosion of the brick and mortar of your chimney and fireplace.
  4. Regular chimney cleanings make your chimney or heat appliance work more efficiently and adequately heat your home.
  5. When a chimney is allowed to go without cleanings, it can prevent you from seeing necessary repairs.

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