A chimney cap is an important part of your chimney’s construction. It helps complete the look of your appliance. In addition, it plays a significant part in preventing excess damage to your structure as a whole. Most homeowners know where their chimney cap is and acknowledge that it plays a role in their chimney’s functionality, but few know its true purpose.

At Wells & Sons, we love our work. We also love educating our customers on all types of chimney and fireplace knowledge. That’s why we are presenting you with the top three benefits of owning a chimney cap!

Keeping Out Moisture

Water and masonry simply do not mix. If too much water is sucked in your brickwork countless problems arise, such as the freeze/thaw effect, mold, rot, rust, stains, and lots more! It causes a lot of wear and tear to occur, meaning your brickwork will break down much faster throughout time. That’s why preventing water from penetrating your chimney is so important!

That’s where your chimney cap comes into play. Having one installed (or having a broken one repaired) is a simple and cost-effective way to keep rain from entering your chimney. In fact, chimneys without caps fail to meet the regulations designated by Underwriters Laboratories, which known nationally for setting the standard when it comes to safety. Keep your home as safe as possible by investing in a cap today!

Avoiding Animal Entry

Another role that chimney caps play is keeping out pesky woodland critters. Animals are known for setting up camp in chimneys, in hopes of staying cozy and warm throughout colder days and bad weather. It’s the perfect spot for building nests and birds are known for laying their eggs in them.

Unfortunately, these twigs, leaves, and dirt build up and clog up your chimney, causing smoke and other toxins to back up into your home. They also cause fire hazards and, should an animal get stuck, it may not find its way out, causing nasty odors to creep into your home, as well as pest infestation. Chimney caps help keep these creatures safely away from the smoke and flames that are associated with your fireplace.

Stopping Debris Build-Up

The last thing we would like to focus on is debris build-up. If your flue and chimney is open, then any excess debris can enter it, especially on a windy day. This could include branches, garbage, and even children’s toys! All of these obstructions could put your home at serious risk. Blockages lead to toxins backing up into your home and could increase your chances of fire.

Prevent damage from occurring in your chimney by investing a chimney cap today! We have high-quality stainless steel caps that will provide the lasting effect you are looking for. Contact the staff at Wells & Sons Chimney & Venting Service today to learn more – we can’t wait to help you out! We’ve been trusted since 1979 to deliver the best chimney services and customer service. We serve Pottstown, Allentown, Norristown, Phoenixville, and the surrounding areas.