When it comes to maintaining a masonry chimney to stand strong for many years, investing in professional services is a must. Between weather-related damages, freeze/thaw, and basic wear and tear, it is common for your materials to show signs of distress and break down. Unfortunately, this is not only unsightly – it also unsafe! Cracks, holes, and gaps in your brickwork and mortar lead to inefficiency of your appliance. They can also leave open pathways to give flames and harmful gases a way to escape into your home.

These damages leave you with a very unstable structure, which could eventually break down and collapse. Because of this, we advise people facing damages to invest in repointing services. At Wells & Sons Chimney Service, our team of experts have the skills and experience, and we are here to help.

What Is Repointing?

masonry chimneyRepointing is the process where your sweep grounding out the old, damaged mortar, and then replacing it with new, strong mortar. As you can imagine, this helps to stabilize your structure significantly, and freshens up the aesthetic too! Sound simple? Not exactly. Repointing is always a job best left to a team of trained experts. Why? Because matching new mortar to the old is not as easy as bringing out a caulk gun and filling in the gaps. In fact, doing this could actually weaken your masonry further, as the new materials will not be giving as much support as the mortar that is still in your system.

It is important to consider when your home was built, and what types of materials were used to construct the chimney, so that things will be matched up as evenly as possible. This goes for the cosmetic aspect of your structure, as well. Matching new colors to the old ones can be a tricky and time-consuming process, and failing to get things right will offer a sloppy and imbalanced look for your system.

Let Us Get You The Results You Are Hoping For

When you trust the CSIA certified crew at Wells & Sons Chimney Service, you can rest easy. We take our time with the repointing process, guaranteeing you the fresh look and enhanced stability you deserve. Our experts have the experience and knowledge you are looking for, and we would love to provide you the best services possible.

Once fall comes back around, you won’t want to wait to put your fireplace to use, so get the care and attention you need right now before burning season is in full swing. We can provide you everything you need to ensure your system runs efficiently. Call us at 610-473-6000 today!