If your fireplace is broken down or damaged, you won’t want to put off repair jobs for too long. Procrastinating will only lead to further problems down the line and, as things worsen, the repair services will only get more expensive. On top of this, using a chimney that has cracks, holes, build up, or other issues puts your home and family at some pretty big risks! Call us in today to handle all of your fireplace repairs and restorations. You can count on the team at Wells & Sons Chimney Service for it all!

Addressing Leaks & Excess Moisture

It may seem like a strong chimney should withstand water, no problem, but too much moisture is actually one of the worst things your masonry can encounter! Brickwork and masonry is extremely absorbent and it easily soaks up the water it comes into contact with. This leads to decay and deterioration all throughout your chimney, and it weakens your structure considerably.

Along with this, water causes flashing to rust, adjacent woodwork to rot, stains to form, and it triggers clogs throughout your system, as well. All of these lead to bigger issues down the line and your system will not function efficiently or safely. Water damage isn’t something to mess around with, but the team at Wells & Sons Chimney Service can help you avoid it! We’ll fix any current issues, then provide you with preventative maintenance, like waterproofing, so you can use your fireplace with ease year after year.

Cracked & Crumbling Masonry

Another problem we see a lot is cracks, holes, and other deterioration throughout the brickwork and chimney parts. Whether it’s your crown, mortar, or something else, avoiding repair work can greatly threaten the structural integrity of your entire chimney. You may even face a settlement or collapse! Let us make your chimney look like new, so that you can use it with the peace of mind you deserve. Call us in today!

Installing New Chimney Parts

Is your damper broken down? What about your chimney cap? Or maybe your chase cover needs some attention? No matter which of your chimney parts is down and out, we’re certain we can help you out. If repairs aren’t an option, count on us to get a new piece installed in no time! Before you know, your system will be up and running again, so that you can enjoy it to the fullest – you deserve that!

Is It More Serious?

Sometimes a simple fix isn’t the solution you need. If your fireplace has undergone some serious damage or needs a new look altogether, then we can rebuild your firebox! This is a great option that will ensure your system is venting correctly, tightly sealed, and looking better than ever. Call us today for more information!