When it comes to the health of your chimney, taking as many preventative measures as possible is important. One thing you need to be on the look for is water damage. Defending your masonry and brickwork against excess moisture will keep your chimney looking greater longer and will help it stand strong for years to come.

What Problems Does Water Cause?

There are countless ways water can negatively affect your chimney. Here are just some things that could occur:

  • Rust: The metal components of your fireplace, as well as the damper, any accessories, and the fireplace doors, can all get rusty fast when exposed to excess water. Rust is unsightly and weakens the integrity of your fireplace parts.
  • Rot and Stains: Any of the wood components of your fireplace will likely face rotting or stains when exposed to excess water. This is an annoying issue that threatens the lifespan of your woodwork.
  • Deterioration: Once the pieces of your chimney and fireplace start deteriorating, you will face a lot of repair costs down the line. It is always more cost-effective to take preventative action beforehand, rather than wait for damage to occur.
  • Freeze/Thaw Cycle: Believe it or not, brick is very absorbent. It takes in water like a sponge, then expands as the water freezes in the winter months. When everything melts in the springtime, the masonry and mortar settle, putting a lot of pressure on your chimney system, as a whole.
  • Collapses: All of this wear and tear takes its toll on your chimney and could eventually lead to a chimney collapse. This not only calls for thousands of dollars in repairs, but puts your home and family in danger, as well.

Avoid Extra Cost – Take Preventative Action Today!

At Wells & Sons Chimney Services, we take pride in providing our customers with the best service possible. We are trained and certified by the CSIA and maintain an ethical and honest attitude throughout every job we take. With 38 years of experience under our belt, we know what we’re talking about when it comes to your brickwork! That’s why we strongly advise you to avoid water damage at all costs. We serve Pottstown, Allentown, Phoenixville, and the surrounding Montgomery, Chester, Lehigh, and Berks Counties. A little preparation now will save you’re a lot of time, money, and stress down the line.

Our waterproofing services greatly extend the life of your chimney. Talk to us today to learn more about our waterproofing and flashing techniques. We can protect your fireplace through any type of bad weather!

For more information, give us a call or visit our website. We look forward to working with you!