If your masonry is not properly protected against water, then it is most likely experiencing mold, deterioration, clogs or more right now. All of these issues can contribute to the breakdown of your structure. What an unsettling thought! Our professionals are here to help, and you can call us today to learn more.

Avoiding Water Damage

Water damage can affect the look, lifespan, and functionality of your chimney significantly. The longer you allow water exposure to occur, the faster things will break down. You could eventually face a settlement or collapse, and until everything is properly addressed by a professional, you won’t be able to use your fireplace. You’ll also notice other water-related damage such as rusted flashing and metal components, water stains, rotten woodwork, cracks, holes, and countless other decays.

Keep an eye on your chimney crown and chimney cap to ensure they’re working properly and offering adequate protection, as water will be able to penetrate much easier when these things are broken down. You should definitely ask us about our waterproofing services! However, first we suggest considering a chimney inspection, as this will allow our professionals to get to the root of the leak or water damage.

Invest In An Inspection

Waterproofing is a wonderful solution to keep your brickwork in good shape and keep your fireplace running properly. However, you’ll need to schedule an inspection with us first. Our sweeps can fully examine your chimney and really see if repairs are necessary or not. Addressing repairs promptly will offer you peace of mind knowing your system will run smoother and safer this fall. Let our professionals repair your chimney, so you’re all set and ready to go.

Ready To Waterproof?

Once your system is working again, we can start the waterproofing process. Not sure what to expect? Well, when we waterproof, we don’t use products that trap water in like paints or store-bought sealers do. These things prevent water from entering, but by blocking in moisture, your system will continue to deteriorate.

When you work with us, you’ll get strong and long-lasting seal. Our products allows your chimney to vent out necessary fumes, vapors, and pre-absorbed moisture. They are also known to last, so you can rest easier for years to come knowing your masonry will look great. Summer rains are only beginning, so make sure your chimney is ready for them. Count on our team today by calling 610-473-6000.