The importance of chimney sweepings is vital to the health of the system. When home and business owners fail to have their fireplace systems inspected and swept, they face countless risks such as chimney fires, gas leaks, and more. All of these can put their property and loved ones in danger. That’s why you should trust our CSIA certified sweeps to handle all of your regular maintenance. This is vital for keeping your structure safer and efficient year after year. At Wells and Sons Chimney Service, we can handle all of your commercial or residential chimney sweeping needs!

About Your Commercial Needs

a man sweeping a chimneyBelieve it or not, there’s a different approach we take when tackling jobs for businesses. Typically, the chimney and fireplace needs of business owners differ from those needs of homeowners. Because of this, it’s essential to work with a team that knows what they’re doing!

We have extensive experience working with local businesses to ensure their establishments are as safe and efficient every passing year. Whether it’s a school, apartment building, condo, country club, hotel, commercial building, or something similar, we can tackle anything you need!

Once we’re done sweeping and inspecting the chimney system on the property, we’ll be able to inform you of all safety concerns or construction issues. However, our CSIA certified team can handle it all. In no time, you’ll be guaranteed a safer holiday season for your staff and customers.

About Your Residential Needs

Now, if you have a fireplace in your home, then you’ll definitely want to ensure things are working well before kicking off burning season. A crackling fire sets the perfect aesthetic, but only if everything is working together to produce a warmer, longer-lasting, and safe fire.

We can take a look and remove excess creosote and debris, and we can also let you know if your chimney needs repair work or not. If any issues are present, we can handle those, too. And don’t need to stress about your home getting messy in the process either! Our sweeps are known for their attention to detail and professionalism, and we guarantee your home won’t be a mess with our qualified team on the job.

Schedule Your Appointment Now

If you have yet to get an appointment scheduled, we urge you to call now. The sooner we get you in, the sooner you’ll be able to put your system to use. With cold weather upon us, there is no time to waste! We love helping homeowners throughout Pottstown and the surrounding areas, call our team today!