It’s not always easy to determine whether or not you need your fireplace rebuilt and knowing where to start can feel a bit overwhelming at times. After all, this is a big project, and there are lots of decisions to be made through it!We Offer Fireplace Rebuilds - Pottstown PA - Wells & Sons Chimney Service

If you find yourself struggling to make solid choices and commit to a certain setup, let us help. The experts at Wells & Sons Chimney Service will have your back through it all! We can guide you every step of the way and make suggestions based on your needs. By the end of the process, we know you’ll be more than satisfied with the way your home and fireplace look and function. Call today to learn more!

Have You Experienced Excessive Damage?

There are a few different reasons why a homeowner might require or request a fireplace rebuild. One of the main reasons is due to excessive damage that cannot be addressed with a simple repair job. Severe weather, chimney fires, and even years worth of neglect can contribute to a chimney’s downfall, and when these things occur, repair work isn’t always a good option.

Water damage, for example, plays a big role in why a chimney and fireplace might deteriorate and, if issues weren’t promptly addressed, sometimes damage can be big and expensive to take care of. Moisture can cause your brickwork to crumble so much that you’ll eventually face a settlement or collapse, and it often weakens structures so significantly that the risk of house fires and gas leaks increases quite a bit.

Chimney fires are also incredibly damaging, and they can destroy so much of the chimney’s interior that the fireplace is unsuitable for regular use. These excessive temperatures cause cracks, melt mortar, and can make various pieces of your chimney’s anatomy break down and collapse. If you’ve experienced a chimney fire, and you don’t feel that spending hundreds upon hundreds in repair work is your best option, consider a rebuild. We can help!

Simply Looking For A New Look?

In other cases, the homeowner hasn’t experienced any damage whatsoever. We get many inquiring about rebuilding an old or outdated fireplace, so that it fits in better with the new modern decor of the household. In this day and age, there are tons of great options to explore when it comes to redesigning the look of a fireplace. Between style, fuel type, material, and more, you’ll have lots of things to consider!

If you’ve been putting up with a setup you hate for way too long, don’t put off help any longer. Our team can set you up right with everything you need to gain the look you’re envisioning, so you can living happier for years to come. There’s no time to lose. If you call today we can get you scheduled and ready to go for the upcoming holiday season. Get on the phone with our team today!