Your chimney crown, or chimney wash, is an integral part of your chimney’s anatomy.  Like the other components of your masonry structure, it needs regular inspection, maintenance, and repairs. Unfortunately, most people’s crowns are not constructed properly, to begin with, and they wind up facing cracks and deterioration as a result.

If you are concerned about the state of your crown, or if you would like to schedule an inspection for it, reach out to our team. This is one service you don’t want to put off!

What Does The Crown/Wash Do?

masonry chimneySo, why exactly is the crown, or wash, so important? Well, it plays a significant role in keeping water away from the sides of your masonry. It also helps to keep excess moisture out of your flue. When built correctly, it should extend from the opening of the flue past the edge of the chimney at a slant. This ensures rainwater is sent down and out, keeping your brickwork and mortar safe from harmful moisture and minimizing the risk of a chimney leak.

The Negative Impacts Of Water Damage

A lot can go wrong if your brickwork is exposed to too much water. Bricks are quite absorbent, and when water is given easy access, they will crumble and crack from the inside out. As they break down, your structure as a whole will weaken significantly. This increases your risk of a settlement or collapse and makes your fireplace unsafe for use.

Along with this, the freeze/thaw process will likely occur throughout the colder months. Not familiar with this? Well, when preabsorbed moisture in your masonry freezes and expands, it puts a lot of pressure on your system. As it melts, the structure settles. If this occurs multiple times a year, you are looking at a lot of wear and tear on your chimney!

All in all, water-related damages cause lots of problems throughout your chimney such as rot, rust, clogs, stains, mildew and mold accumulation, decay, and crumbling. Why deal with these problems, when you can invest in repair work from our team today! Call now before our busy fall season kicks off.

How Our Team Can Help You

What exactly can you expect from the Wells & Sons team? Well, we’ve been trusted to tackle chimney repairs in the Pottstown area for 40 years, so you can bet that we’ve seen just about everything. When it comes to addressing your crown issues, we are confident that we can repair it the right way. Work with our CSIA certified crew right away to get the high-quality, mess-free results you deserve. Before you know it, you’ll have a chimney crown that functions well, looks great, and provides you with those long-lasting results you’re hoping for.

Your burning season isn’t far away – reach out to our team today to schedule an appointment!