There are certain events that could occur and do damage to your chimney, and these specific events should be covered under your homeowners insurance – meaning repairs will not put you out of pocket. According to most homeowners insurance terms the specific events that have to occur for a repair to generally fall under coverage are those that are sudden and unexpected.

When Homeowners Insurance Covers Chimney Repairs - Montgomery County PA - Wells SonsWhat Is Usually Covered

Chimney Fire

If a chimney fire occurs, it should be no problem to get your insurance agent to cover the damages. This includes any damage that was a result of the fire such as broken flue tiles, warped stainless steel liner, and any harm that was a result from heat transfer. This should also include any destruction that might have been inflicted on a neighbor’s home as a result of the fire.
The only issue anyone should have occur is if the chimney was not properly maintained and this is what resulted in the fire. Even still, the repairs to the chimney should be covered, but in this event it is likely the agent will cancel your coverage afterwards.

Lightning Strike

If lightning hits your chimney and causes damage, this clearly falls under a sudden and unexpected event. So if you notice that any harm has come to your chimney after and thunderstorm or electrical storm, it is best to have your insurance agent come out right away to take a look at it.

Fallen Tree

If a tree falls on your chimney and causes damage or causes a collapse, this will typically fall under coverage. The only realm in which you should have to argue the case would be if your chimney had been poorly taken care of and was due to fall in any time now, anyway. However, this one is worth arguing because at the very least you will probably get fifty percent coverage.

What Is Covered Under Special Policies

Flooding and Wind Damage

Flood and wind damage will very rarely be found in a typical homeowners policy unless specific extra coverage was added. This means you will have to discuss with your agent about adding this particular type of coverage on to your current policy. If you live in an area prone to tornadoes, hurricanes, or seasonal fires, it is actually recommended.
Snow and ice fall under water damage, and when these elements cause damage to your chimney, it is typically considered wear and tear. Hence, it is not sudden or unexpected, and your agent will have expected you to manage these problems.

Home flooding that is a result of faulty pipes or a malfunctioning appliance would also fall under the wear and tear domain.

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