The beauty of a masonry chimney can add a lot to your home’s overall aesthetic, but not if is broken down or crumbling. If your sturdy structure is looking a bit worse because of wear, then it might be time to invest in professional care from the team at Wells & Sons Chimney Service. Our experts can help bring your system back to looking new again with our repointing services.

What Is Repointing?

masonry chimney on white houseWhen a mason repoints your mortar, they remove the old, crumbling materials, then replace it with new mortar. This is an intricate process, as the new substances need to match in color and texture in order to produce the strong and aesthetically pleasing results you are hoping for. Because of this, it is important to have a trained professional for this job.

All too often, we see unskilled sweeps or enthusiastic do-it-yourselfers attempt to repoint with a caulk gun, and you should always avoid this approach. Why? Well, the caulk you use will likely not match the strength and condition of the old mortar, which could result in severe damages to your structure. All in all, the job won’t be done correctly and your system will suffer for it.

The Dangers Of Damaged Masonry

If your masonry is showing signs of deterioration, putting off repairs should never be an option. Damages to your chimney will only worsen over time, and the more gaps you face, the more likely you are to experience gas leaks and house fires. Flames can travel through these openings and reach adjacent woodwork quicker than you’d think, and your risk of experiencing carbon monoxide exposure will increase too!

Damaged masonry can also lead to instability, leaning brickwork, collapses, and more. All of these issues are dangerous, and they are costly to fix, as well. Investing in easy, affordable repointing services now, rather than an entire rebuild down the road is always the best option.

Why Schedule Now?

As we have expressed earlier, using a chimney that is damaged is not a good idea. It can seriously threaten the safety of your home and family, but you should ensure all issues are addressed before the start of your burning season by scheduling with us today! Our schedule fills up fast once temperatures start to drop, so the time to call is now.

If you want to avoid delays this fall and winter, get your maintenance on the calendar now, so you can stress less later. It will be well worth it when you are enjoying a cozy fire on that first chilly evening of autumn! What are you waiting for? Call us now, so we can get started!