If you’ve experienced a chimney fire and aren’t sure what to do next, you’re not alone. Many homeowners throughout the country have gone through this very same thing, and it can be a scary ordeal! Homeowners will often report a loud noise, accompanied by a strong smell and excess smoke. The whole event can sometimes be so dramatic that even people outside of the home can hear it!

Other times, they aren’t so obvious… In fact, the majority of chimney fires occur without the homeowner even realizing it! Regardless of your situation, it’s time to call in a professional chimney company to assist you going forward. If you need some expert guidance, call on the qualified staff at Wells & Sons Chimney Service today!

Schedule An Inspection

First things first, we’ll need to inspect your system. Now, after an event like this, you’ll want to invest in a level 2 inspection. This will give the sweep the opportunity to get a thorough and more in-depth look at your fireplace so that any potential issues can be spotted right away. Wherever damage has occurred, we need to find it! If damages go unaddressed, your system will remain unsafe for regular use and you’ll wind up facing, even more, issues down the line.

At Wells & Sons, we’ve got you covered. Our expert staff will detect any cracks, holes, and more, and we’ll guide you towards the appropriate steps necessary for fixing them up. Trust in us – we’ve got your back!

Address Necessary Repairs

Once we spot the areas that need repair, we’ll get our staff in with the latest tools and technology necessary for getting the job done right. Our list of repair services is extensive and, once they’re complete, your chimney system will look and run more efficiently than ever! The staff at Wells & Sons is completely dedicated to making homes throughout the area as safe as possible, so you can rest easy when you put your fireplace in our hands!

Invest In Regular Maintenance

When everything is back to normal, be sure you schedule inspections and sweepings on a regular basis in the future. This is the best way to avoid a chimney fire from occurring again. It’s well worth the time and money you’ll wind up saving down the line! Along with this, annual professional inspections ensure that everything is running smoothly, so you can rest easy your home and family are as safe as possible throughout the cold winter months.

If you need reliable help with your fireplace and chimney, count on our CSIA certified staff to check things over! We’ve got 38 years of experience under our belts, and our countless awards, certifications, memberships, and 5-star reviews all speak for themselves. We’re definitely a company that you can rely on! What are you waiting for? Turn to Wells & Sons Chimney Service today!