Since 1979, Wells and Sons Chimney services has been providing top-flight services for the people of Pennsylvania. Including Allentown, Pottstown, Norristown, Paoli, Phoenixville, Landsdale, and the surrounding areas. Below is a brief overview of the services that we offer for homes and commercial businesses.

Overview of Chimney Services - Pottstown PA - Wells and Sons Chimney Service

New Chase Covers – Custom stainless steel chase covers for your chimney top

  • Wells & Sons Chimney Service manufactures stainless steel chase covers and professionally installs the chase covers to your chimney’s specific size.
  • Our chimney chase covers come in a variety of colors to match your home, chimney, neighborhood or home owners association’s guidelines.

Chimney Re-linings – for defective/deteriorated masonry chimneys using stainless steel liners

  • Lifetime warranties provided by manufacturer
  • Fireplace chimney re-lines include a custom fitted shroud from firebox to flue

Inspections – Level 1 thru 3 Chimney Inspections which vary by required detail and documentation (including sweep and camera)

  • The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has defined the different chimney inspection levels. Each chimney inspection level varies by required detail and documentation.
  • Includes sweep and camera inspection of flue and a complete condition report as needed
  • Certification as safe to use when passes inspection

Sweeps – clearing soot, debris, creosote deposits for fireplace, wood stove, or furnace applications

  • Floors covered with drop cloths to prevent tracking of dirt/soot
  • Use high velocity ROVAC vacuum equipped with HEPA filters to ensure a clean sweep

Install and replace Chimney Caps – to keep rain and critters our of the chimney

  • Use only stainless steel equipped with screening for either single or multi flue chimneys

Replacements – of deteriorated manufactured metal chimneys in wood chases

  • Type and design will be based on attaching heating appliance specifications

All Chimney Masonry Work – crown repairs/replacements, re-pointing, stucco, tear-down, and rebuild

Restorations – of historic fireplaces and chimneys

  • Extensive experience and attention to details are sure to please the customer