Chimney Caps Aren’t Just For Aesthetics!

A chimney cap can be an attractive way to top your chimney; however, it does much more than simply decorate your roofline. Investing in a quality chimney cap is one of the best ways to keep your chimney and flue protected and in good condition. A quality chimney cap protects the chimney from damage caused by animals, debris and moisture, and can help you avoid some major and costly chimney repairs down the line. Keep reading to learn how a well-made and properly installed chimney cap can protect your chimney!

Animal Entry

Birds, squirrels, roof rats, raccoons and other animals often see uncapped chimneys as safe, cozy places to hide from predators or build nests for their young. Unfortunately, most animals cannot navigate the slippery flue liners and become stuck in the chimney; the sounds – and smells – that accompany a trapped animal can be extremely uncomfortable and bothersome for many homeowners.

Animals in your chimney can also expose your family to a variety of bugs and diseases. Likewise, nesting materials are often combustible and may cause a hazardous blockage in your chimney or damage your flue liner and other system components.


Without a chimney cap, your flue is open at the top. This means that debris can fall into the chimney and create a blockage or lead to a chimney fire; leaves from nearby trees, small branches and twigs, blowing trash, and even Frisbees and balls have all been known to find their way into uncapped chimneys.


Water can be one of the most damaging forces to your chimney. Without a chimney cap, the flue and chimney structure are susceptible to moisture exposure from ice, hail, rain, sleet and snow. Moisture is extremely damaging to the bricks and mortar of your masonry chimney, causing bricks to chip, crack or spall. Likewise, water can also damage the interior of your chimney and the metal components of your system such as the flue liner, damper and firebox.

Crumbled chimney cap before repair.
Damaged chimney cap before repair.
Chimney cap after repair, nice and clean with trees in background.
Chimney cap after repair.

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A properly functioning chase cover may be all that’s standing between you and costly damage from unwanted water, debris and unwelcome critters in your prefabricated chimney system. Prevent rusty chimney and other problems now.