For homeowners with a fireplace installed, ensuring that all of the various chimney parts are protected is important. Regularly replacing certain pieces of the chimney will ensure that it lasts throughout time and will save on big fixes in the future. Taking preventative measures now is always wiser than facing expensive repairs and remodeling down the road. Keeping an eye on your chimney cap and replacing it as necessary will do wonders as far as keeping your chimney free from deterioration and debris build-up. Why You Need A new Chimney Cap- Pottstown PA - Wells & Sons Chimney Service

Chimney Cap Benefits

  • Keep Critters Away: Birds, squirrels, and other rodents will likely deem your chimney a suitable home once the cold weather hits. If they start to build nests, your chimney will quickly become clogged up and various draft issues will arise. A plugged up chimney means smoke backing up into your home, affecting the health of loved ones and potentially damaging furniture and other belongings. On top of everything else, if an animal crawls in and gets trapped, it will eventually pass away, leaving you with some nasty odors and potential bug infestation.
  • Reduce Moisture: Too much water can cause a lot of damage to your chimney. Brick soaks up moisture quite easily, which leads to a lot of deterioration and can eventually collapse the entire chimney. It also exposes your chimney to the freeze-thaw process, which means it could tilt or settle, thus increasing overall pressure and decreasing the bricks’ potential lifespan. A chimney cap will help to keep rain and snow out of your chimney, thus reducing the risk of harmful water damage.
  • Control Draft: When strong winds and bad weather are conjuring up outside, the ideal thing to do is start up a warm fire indoors. Yet, without proper draft control, a cozy night indoors can quickly go wrong as smoke billows into the living room. By getting a chimney cap installed, the wind from outside will have less opportunity to enter your chimney and proper ventilation will remain intact, allowing you the ability to enjoy your fireplace the fullest.

Call In A Professional

When it comes to inspecting and installing chimney caps, calling in an expert is greatly advised. Not only is getting on your roof a dangerous task in and of itself, but measuring and assessing the chimney cap while up there can be a hard thing to manage. On top of this, incorrect installation can lead to other possible issues and make for more costly repairs throughout time. Another thing to consider is the potential of voiding the warranty on the chimney cap, as some require professional installation in the contract.

At Wells & Sons Chimney Service, we have all of the tools needed for correctly installing your chimney cap. Our professionals are trained and certified, and we pride ourselves in ensuring that your home and family are protected. Give us a call today!